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It's your signature dish... seasoned to perfection!


Welcome to Signature International Spices & Blends website. We are excited to offer you herbs, spices and blends alike from generations of family cooking.

Get ready to take your spice cabinet on an entirely different journey.

Our herbs and spices come from their place of origin.  Using indigenous herbs and spices gives you the authentic and deep flavor that creates an even higher level of satisfaction to the palate.  Learn about the history of each spice. The more you know about something the better you can be at creating new “local” flavors from the beginning to the end of a meal. While you learn about the spices origins and review the many recipe ideas I have shared with you, allow me to tell you a little about me.

Hi, I am Yianni and I love to cook! How did I get here?  Read on!

My parents immigrated from Greece to the United States of America in 1960.  Bringing a rich heritage of traditions and culinary expertise, I was able to learn about the different varieties of herbs and spices early in life.  Watching my mom in the kitchen at home or watching my dad (Babakouli) in the commercial kitchen in his restaurants, it was natural for me to recreate their blends and using only natural spices, allows me to offer their masterpieces to you.

Originally I had created what I refer to as the “Trilogy” (Kosta’s Original Gyros Sauce Blend, Amazing Greek Salad Blend and Meat Lovers Blend).  All Greek and all amazing!  The Trilogy, while still our staples and equally good, was only the beginning of what is now a roadmap to international goodness.

Today we have over 15 herbs, spices and blends that we offer from Greece, to Thailand, to Mexico, Indonesia, India and back.  We are continually working on discovering new blends to offer you and hope to add one new blend per month.  That’s our goal anyway!

Our ultimate mission is to cater to everyones palate and everyones budget.  And if you ever have an idea or are looking for a certain spice, please use our to reach out to us.

From Yianni's Kitchen

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