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Yianni’s Top Restaurant Choices in Jacksonville

January 23, 2018

Hi, I am YIanni and welcome to my first blog.

First, and foremost, thank you for your interest and entrusting me to give you honest and subjective information as well as the opportunity to add some educational value as well.

As a well-traveled and food aficionado, I look forward to sharing my own experiences as well as others when it comes to both local and distant visits to food establishments and to go as far as offering travel tips and recommendations.
Pame! (Let’s go in Greek)

I wanted to start with my latest dining experience in Jacksonville, FL. area and the first restaurant is……….
Pusser’s Carribean Grille Restaurant in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Disclaimer: It was NFL Playoff Sunday and the Jaguars were playing the Patriots.

I would like to begin by saying the place is spotless clean and the environment is top notch. Beautiful bar and dining area and an exceptional outdoor bar upstairs which is tons of fun.

We had several appetizers and entrees and while the food was decent, the quantity versus cost was not at par. Additionally, the server didn’t give a rat’s ass and pretty much brushed us off when we voiced our concern.

I am confident many of you would agree that presentation is key to your dining experience, and there is some, not much, but some room for improvement. For an example, we all had to dig to find the chicken in the Nachos we ordered. That should not be the case and therefore it appeared they forgot to add the entire portion. (It’ the little things)

Overall, I give Pusser’s a 7 out of 10 and their Shining Star goes to cleanliness and there Falling Star goes to service.

Education: Pusser’s is a brand of Rum. Read more if interested

Efxaristo (Thank you in Greek)


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